Wheel Weight Adhesion

Our patented wheel weight adhesion treatments improve adhesion of wheel weight tape for use on aluminum wheels similar to Alcoa wheel with Dura-Bright® surface treatment in real-world conditions. Proper and prolonged wheel balancing helps to extend the life of the tires.

Wheel adhesion

Improved Adhesion. Easy to apply. Long lasting performance.

Aculon® has a variety of surface modification technologies capable of functionalizing numerous substrate types to have improved adhesive characteristics. Aculon's® wheel weight adhesion promotion coatings and treatments significantly increase the bond strength of wheel weight tape to aluminum wheels with surface treatments. These treatments have been specifically approved for use on Alcoa aluminum wheels with durabright surface treatment. There are numerous performance advantages to having a surface which allows for proper bonding of wheel weights.

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Do your wheels need an adhesion promoter?

Aculon wheel weight adhesion treatments can be used to address a wide variety of problems. Some examples below where an wheel weight adhesion coating will help improve the quality of your product. Reach out to us at +1-858-350-9499 or contact us here to see how we can help!

  • You are utilizing Alcoa aluminum wheels with Dura-Bright® surface treatment
  • Wheel weights are delaminating
  • Loss of wheel weights is lead to uneven tire wear
  • You are utilizing aluminum or other wheels with tape style wheel weights

How it Works

Proper Balancing Saves Money In The Long Run

Even though new tire manufacturing is more precise, there are still many advantages to balancing wheels:

  • Promote longer wear life
  • Safety as handling improves
  • Reduce Vibrations
  • Reduce wear on axel spindle including hub, brake drum, wheel


tire wear due to wheel weight delamination
Wheel Weight Adhesion

What is Dura-Bright?

Dura-Bright® Evo is not a coating, but a surface treatment that penetrates the aluminum and becomes an integral part of the wheel. It will not chip, crack, peel or corrode, like conventional coatings do. Easier maintenance as very little sticks to it……including wheel weights.

Evo is the next generation Dura-Bright® treatment with even better surface protection. “Great Looks – Easy Maintenance”

  • Enhanced hydrofluoric acid resistance: 2-3 times improvement
  • Higher chemical resistance
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Increased Environmental Sustainability


Advantages Over Cleaners

  • Wheel / brake cleaners only make the problem worse. Cleaners only remove contamination. Surface energy is less than 35 dynes
  • Some cleaners leave a “repellent/oily layer” making it even harder to adhere balance weights
  • Whereas a Surface modification material designed to enhance the surface energy to > 65 dynes acts like a primer, it optimizes to stick.
  • Aculon® wipes have been tested and approved as the ONLY method to maximize adhesion of the weights

Why Use Wipes?

  • Wipes ensure that the cloth is clean – dirty cloths are a killer
  • Applies right amount of material per wheel
  • Easy to apply
  • Bottles not appropriate as treatment dries quickly
  • Sensitive to moisture, it will lose its effectiveness if bottle left open
  • Wiping makes the treatment bond quicker
  • Only version independently tested and approved by Alcoa
  • Cost per wheel & cost per kilometer is less than a 0.5 % of the tire wheel combination

Aculon Adhesion Promoter Independent Test Report

  • Samples tested using toughest conditions to simulate road conditions (heat / humidity). Results were impressive!
  • Samples with no primer failed at interface of the wheel – i.e. both the weight and tape came off from the wheel!
  • When the Aculon® primer was used, adhesion to the wheel surface was increased by up to 81%, causing the bond between the weight and the tape to be the weaker part of the system while the tape remained bonded to the wheel surface.

15 weights were provided (with tape attached) for testing. Wheel weights that were attached with Aculon® primer first had much higher peak loads.

Download test report

Wheel Weight Test Matrix
Wheel Weight Test Matrix

Why Wheel Weight AdhesionTreatments from Aculon?

We are surface modification experts who have developed and produced adhesion promoting surface chemistry technologies to modify a broad variety of surfaces, such as metal, glass, and polymers for nearly 20 years.

These treatments are all thin, easy to apply, safe, and non-toxic, with green options available. We have worked on countless adhesion promotion applications, invested hundreds of thousand of hours solving adhesion surface related challenges. You are very likely reading this as you too have a challenge that can be solved by modifying your surface to have improved adhesive qualities. We will work directly with you on a customized adhesion solution tailored to the unique needs of your product. Let us help you make your product better.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us at +1-858-350-9499 or contact us here to see how we can help!

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Tell us about your wheel weight adhesion application!

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