Water Resistant Coatings

hydrophobic and water resistant coatings

If water and moisture is affecting the performance or appearance of your product, then Aculon can turn that situation around with a suitable water resistant coating.

Every product in Aculon’s range of water repellent hydrophobic coatings has been specifically developed to work best with a specific material. And remember, Aculon’s technology includes water resistant treatments that are oil resistant as well.

That’s why Aculon’s products top the market when it comes to nanoscale hydrophobic coatings that are easy to apply and will never change the form or function of your product.

If hydrophobicity is the one characteristic your product really needs and lacks, call us now at +1-858-350-9474 or click the Request for Information button below to find out more about Aculon’s water resistant treatments and coatings.

Water Resistant Coating Applications:

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