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Hydrophobic & Superhydrophobic Coatings

AcuWet Hydrophilic Coatings

PCB Waterproofing

St. Patrick's Day Promo- NanoProof Coated Phone in Guinness

IPX7 Demonstration: NanoProof Coating on Samsung Phone

IPX7 Demonstration: NanoProof Coating on iPhone

NanoProof Webinar: Why Waterproofing Will be Standard on Premium Electronic Devices Within 2 Years

Ask the Expert with Dr. Hanson

What Makes a Coating Hydrophobic?

What Makes a Coating Oleophobic?

Difference Between Hydrophobic & Superhydrophobic Coating

Why Don't Store-Bought Superhydrophobic Coatings Work Well?

Does the Surface Have to be Clean Before Coating?

Difference Between Solution-Based and Vacuum Deposited Coatings

Hydrophobic vs Hydrophilic

Is NeverWet Effective?

How Do You Measure Coating Durability?

How Does Aculon Bond with Synthetic Sapphire?

What Substrates Can be Modified with SAMPS?

What Makes A Coating Have Adhesion-Promoting Properties?

Optics Coatings

Superhydrophobic Coating On Lens

Superhydrophobic Coating on Lens

Part 1: Untreated Lens

Part 2: Treated Lens

Oleophobic Coating on Lens

Oleophobic Coating Vs Sharpie on Lens

Part 1: Untreated Sapphire in Crude Oil

Part 2: Sapphire with Oleophobic Coating in Crude Oil


How to Properly Clean Metal

How to Properly Clean Glass

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