Repellency Treatments for Electronics

Aculon® repellency treatments can be used to modify a broad range of materials used in electronic applications including metals, metal oxides, polymers, and ceramics. Hydrophobic and oleophobic repellency treatments can have a significant impact on the performance and reliability in electronics. Aculon® nanoscale technology for electronics is also an excellent solution for precision electronic components such as printer heads, PCBs and other SMT applications, stainless steel components, microfluidics, or other highly sensitive electronics components requiring a repellent treatment.

Remember, nearly all Aculon® technologies cure at room temperature, require no vacuum chamber, and allow for numerous application methods, such as dipping, spraying, or wipe coating. Applying a repellent, oleophobic, and hydrophobic treatment to your electronic component has never been easier. Call us now at +1-858-350-9474 or click below to request information about Aculon® hydrophobic coatings.

repellency treatments for electronics | hydrophobic electronics coatings

PCB Waterproofing for Electronics

Aculon® NanoProof PCB Repellency Series is revolutionizing how PCBs are protected from water. Receive all the benefits of a conformal coating without the costly capital investment. Aculon® NanoProof® series are sprayable or dip based coatings that do not require a cure and have no impact on conductivity testing. While some of the NanoProof® series are so thin that they are invisible to naked eye, all of the Nanoproof® series is available with UV tracer to ensure detection at customer sites.

NanoProof® offers up to IPX-8 level protection for your PCBs. No matter what level your waterproofing needs are, there is a NanoProof® solution for you. Click here for more information about NanoProof.

Oleophobic and Hydrophobic Electronics Coatings

Aculon® hydrophobic (water repelling and oleophobic (oil repelling) treatments for electronics can be used to increase reliability, improve performance characteristics, and add value to consumer electronics by repelling water and oil and also allowing for easy clean finger print resistant surfaces. Hydrophobic and oleophobic applications include:

Electronic Repellency Treatment Substrate Compatibility

Aculon® hydrophobic and oleophobic electronic repellency treatments for electronics are compatible with the following types of materials. Click through to see whether your specific substrate is compatible with the technology.

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