Optical Coatings Applications

Sunglasses: One application for nanotech coatings technology

Aculon’s nanoscale technology creates a water-repellant (hydrophobic) and oil-repellant (oleophobic) surfaces to repel water, dust, oil, and dirt on optics. Coated sunglasses or prescription eyewear have significant improvement of their smudge repellency, and smudge removability. Glasses stay cleaner longer, and the coating helps make cleaning easy, resulting in clearer vision and easier maintenance. Aculon offers temporary treatments that can easily be applied in one step by consumers in addition to permanent oem applied treatments.

Aculon’s nanoscale technology for optics is also an excellent solution for precision optical components such as sapphire, laser, IR or other highly sensitive optical components requiring a repellent treatment.

Remember, nearly all Aculon technologies cure at room temperature, require no vacuum chamber, and allow for numerous application methods, such as dipping, spraying, or wipe coating. Applying a repellent, oleophobic, and hydrophobic treatment to your optical component has never been easier.

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Aculab Lab System

Aculon has created a program, NanoClear, for optical labs that service eye care professionals. Using a bench top system that treats multiple pairs of eyeware in less than 8 minutes, NanoClear creates a durable hydrophobic and easy clean surface coating for a wide variety of lenses. Click though to read more about the Aculab Lab System.

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