Custom Surface Coating Applications

Aculon® surface nano-coating technologies can be utilized for a wide variety of specialty applications, enabling unique performance, process simplification and excellent value across a broad range of surfaces and interfaces.

Collage of industries and applications for Aculon's nanocoating surface treatment solutions

Your specialized surface coating problems solved!

From optical device coatings to specialty catalyst powder coatings, to coating of stainless steel parts, we can help you coat your specialized surfaces to improve adhesion, repel water, oil, fingerprints, and so much more. Our coating solutions are not limited to but include:

Improve the performance of optical components with optically clear hydrophobic & hydrophilic surface nano-coatings.
Learn more about optical coating applications

Modify surface behavior of particles & powders for improved performance.
Learn more about particle coating applications

Drastically decrease the appearance of fingerprints on your product.
Learn more about anti-fingerprint applications

Improve bond strength of adhered components & optimize surface behavior of critical components. Learn more about watch coating applications

Functionalize metal wheels to prevent delamination and failure of adhesive wheel balancing weights.
Learn more about wheel weight adhesion

Functionalize metal to have improved repellency to all liquids.
Learn more about metal repellency coatings

Optimize a wide variety of surfaces utilized in industrial applications.
Learn more about industrial coatings

Optimize sapphire to be repellent for improved performance.
Learn more about coatings for sapphire

Create finely patterned microfludic surfaces and devices with liquid repelling and/or attracting surface treatments.
Learn more about coatings for microfluidics

Modify movie screens to repel contaminants and reduce frequency of cleaning.
Learn more about movie screen applications

Modify behavior of guitar strings to have improved repellency to oil and contaminants which dull sound performance.
Learn more about coating guitar strings

Treat cutting blades to improve resistance to corrosion and improve lubricity in addition to blade longevity.
Learn more about coatings for blades

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