Ink Repelling Hydrophobic Treatments

Aculon’s nanoscale ink repelling technology creates a lubricious and repelling surface which reduces friction and which repels nearly every type of liquid, including nearly all types of inks. In addition these treatments are compatible with numerous substrates from metals, polymers, to semiconductors and glass oxides, ensuring that no matter what component that you need to make repellent to ink, there is a compatible Aculon technology. Your specialty application can be treated in very easy processing steps to be ink repelling, hydrophobic, and oleophobic all while reducing surface energy and friction of your sensitive parts.

Aculon’s treatments for ink repellency require little to no capitol equipment and result in a high performance layer only 2-4 nm thick giving you the functionality you desire without the traditional downsides of thick coatings.

Ink Repellent Treatment Application

Aculon’s treatments for ink repellency can be applied in as few as one easy step and all of Aculon’s technologies require minimal capitol equipment – most applications require none! Contact us now by clicking the link or calling us at 858-350-9474 to discuss how we can easily modify your specialty components functionality to be repellent to ink.

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