Semiconductor Hydrophobic & Oleophobic Coatings

Hydrophobic Semiconductor Coating

Aculon’s hydrophobic semiconductor coating materials can protect and extend the life of semiconductors by forming nanoscale hydrophobic layers on their surfaces which repel water, dust, oil, and dirt from semiconductor surfaces. There are several easy to apply techniques for depositing Aculon’s innovative hydrophobic coatings on semiconductors and there is no need for expensive special equipment for the application. Many of the technologies used to treat semiconductors are enhanced with both hydrophobic and oleophobic characteristics.

Oleophobic Semiconductor Treatment

Aculon also has a full range of oleophobic semiconductor coating technologies which bond with nearly all types of semiconductor. These oleophobic semiconductor treatments create oil resistant, anti-smudge nanoscale surface layers which also continue to repel water as the coatings are intrinsically hydrophobic as well.

Compatible Semiconductor Substrates

Aculon’s hydrophobic and oleophobic repellency treatments for semiconductor include:

The Aculon Advantage

Aculon’s treatments for repellency (superhydrophobic and oleophobic), adhesion promotion, and particles offer numerous advantages over competing technologies. Flexible, easy to apply and cost effective treatments make Aculon’s treatments the nanotech solution for numerous applications. Some of the many reasons why Aculon is the best technology for your repellency, adhesion, and particle treatment application:

  • Nanoscale: 2-4 nm Thick Treatments
  • Easy to Apply
  • No or Minimal Capital Equipment
  • Easy Scale Up
  • Flexible Application Methods
  • Treat Sensitive Parts
  • Durable Treatments
  • Functionalize Nanoparticles
  • Consumer and OEM Applied Technologies
  • Increase Hydrophobocity
  • Increase Oleophobicity
  • Promote Adhesion
  • Treat Metals and Metal Oxides
  • Treat Glass Oxides and Polymers

Click on the technologies below to see what Aculon has to offer for your application:


Make nearly any surface hydrophobic or oleophobic.
repellency treatments and coatings


Add functionality & improve performance.
particle treatment with nanocoating technology


Functionalize tough to bond surfaces.
adhesion promotion nanocoating technology
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