Oleophobic & Hydrophobic Consumer Goods Applications

Aculon has developed nanoscale treatments and solutions that not only do a great job of cleaning stainless steel, jewelry, and automotive wheels, but coat the surfaces with an ultra-thin repellent layer as well. The coatings make surfaces easy to clean, hydrophobic, oleophobic (oil repelling), resistant to fingerprints, are very user friendly, and simple to apply. In addition, Aculon has experience packaging treatments into numerous customized consumable forms such as wipers, sprayers, pens, and other application methods. Private labeling of nearly all Aculon technologies is currently available. Call us now at +1-858-350-9474 or click below to request information about Aculon’s treatments and coatings for consumer applications.

Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Consumer Goods Applications Include:

repellency treatments for consumer goods

Consumer Goods Repellency Treatment Substrate Compatibility

Aculon’s hydrophobic and oleophobic repellency treatments for consumer applications are compatible with the following types of materials. Click through to see whether your specific substrate is compatible with the technology.

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