Display Screen Coating Applications

OEM and Consumer applied coatings have been developed for electronic displays. Cell phones, PDA, iPod, iPhone, laptops, and touch screens can be coated with Aculon’s permanent nanoscale easy-clean coating can be applied by the OEM on both glass and plastic screens. In addition, a temporary coating can be applied by the consumer using a felt-tip applicator.

Repellency treatments for and coatings for display screens

For the smaller screens, you can quickly apply this invisible coating from a wide felt tip marker type pen. For the larger screens, an easy to use large applicator in seconds spreads this film across the surface. Future smudges now become much more easily wiped away with a soft cloth. This coating resists future smudge buildup and results in a surface slippery smooth to the touch. Call us now at +1-858-350-9474 or click below to request information about Aculon’s permanent and temporary display screen coatings.

Repellency Treatments for Display Applications

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