Polymer Hydrophobic & Oleophobic Coatings

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Aculon’s multisurface repellency technologies for polymers are now available for sampling via our shopping cart. Please click the links below for more information on our standard technologies. Also for specialized projects or projects with complicated needs we still offer optimization services to fine tune a custom solution for you! Contact us now to discuss how we can find a solution for your important project or click the below links.

Hydrophobic Polymer Coating

Plastics can be among the most challenging surfaces to modify the performance of with nanoscale treatments, as most all competitive technologies simply cannot form permanent bonds with the largely inert surfaces that plastics provide for bonding.

Aculon’s patented Transition Metal Complex (TMC) coatings, however, are chemically engineered to form extremely uniform nanoscale films that interact with the polymer surface resulting in a highly repellent surface which repels both water and oil.

This non-toxic surface treatment can be applied by anyone in very little time and in a number of different ways to produce lasting, highly uniform, hydrophobic water repelling barriers that water molecules simply cannot connect to, leaving it to bead and slide off the surface without any residue or leftover moisture.

There is simply no other product on the market today that can provide the same cost-effective performance of Aculon’s Hydrophobic Polymer Coatings and treatments.

This unique, hydrophobic nanotechnology is inexpensive and doesn’t need any form of capital investment in complex machinery to transform a plastic surface into a permanent, non-toxic barrier with the following properties:

  • Applicable in numerous industries and countless applications.
  • Water repellent.
  • Anti-smudge.
  • Dirt and grime repellent.
  • Oil repellent.
  • Easy-clean.

Oleophobic Polymer Treatment

Plastics can be particularly vulnerable to petrochemical agents, which often penetrate and subsequently dissolve, stain, or change the properties of polymer based materials. Aculon’s oleophobic treatment works in a similar fashion to the hydrophobic polymer coating, but with a specially developed molecular structure that blocks oil based products and solvents from penetrating and damaging the polymer chains beneath its tightly bonded, protective nanoscale oleophobic layer.

There are countless applications utilizing plastic that will see performance gains with a modified oleophobic surface. Aculon can treat your parts to be highly oleophobic for you to evaluate.

The Aculon Advantage

Aculon’s treatments for repellency (superhydrophobic and oleophobic), adhesion promotion, and particles offer numerous advantages over competing technologies. Flexible, easy to apply and cost effective treatments make Aculon’s treatments the nanotech solution for numerous applications. Some of the many reasons why Aculon is the best technology for your repellency, adhesion, and particle treatment application:

  • Nanoscale: 2-4 nm Thick Treatments
  • Easy to Apply
  • No or Minimal Capital Equipment
  • Easy Scale Up
  • Flexible Application Methods
  • Treat Sensitive Parts
  • Durable Treatments
  • Functionalize Nanoparticles
  • Consumer and OEM Applied Technologies
  • Increase Hydrophobocity
  • Increase Oleophobicity
  • Promote Adhesion
  • Treat Metals and Metal Oxides
  • Treat Glass Oxides and Polymers

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Make nearly any surface hydrophobic or oleophobic.
repellency treatments and coatings


Add functionality & improve performance.
particle treatment with nanocoating technology


Functionalize tough to bond surfaces.
adhesion promotion nanocoating technology
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