Aculon® Anti-Fingerprint Technology

Aculon® Anti-Fingerprint coating treatments significantly increase the hiding power and ease of cleaning of various substrates, including metal with roughening or texture.  By significantly reducing or eliminating the presence of fingerprints, your product will benefit from Aculon® Anti-Fingerprint Technology.

Aculon® patented Anti-Fingerprint surface treatments are successful in environments characterized by frequent human contact (such as smart phones or other personal electronic devices) or where high concentrations of oily residues and grimy deposits occur. Most of these surfaces become very dirty, very quickly, displaying fingerprints and smudges. In addition, they are usually difficult to clean without using detergents or solvents. Aculon® Anti-Fingerprint coatings are able to significantly reduce/eliminate the visibility of smudges and fingerprints in addition to significantly improving the ease of cleaning.

Aculon® Anti-Fingerprint coatings bond fingerprint hiding layers of nanoscale thickness onto various substrates, imparting fingerprint-hiding and easy-to-clean properties. 

What Problem Are We Solving?

Fingerprints are everywhere. Anywhere a product is touched by consumers, unsightly fingerprints are sure to be left behind. Consequently, the appearance and quality of all product surfaces are compromised and the optical quality of touchscreens is significantly degraded.

Fingerprints are a pressing issue for numerous markets where touchscreens or portable devices are utilized. By reducing the appearance of fingerprints on your surface Aculon® Anti-Fingerprint Technology will drastically enhance the consumer experience.

What Drives Anti-Fingerprint Performance?

#1  Surface Treatments & Coatings

Anti-fingerprint (AFP) – Focus on Hiding Power

•  Hiding of initial fingerprint by tuning surface energy

Easy-Clean (EC)

•  Easy removal of oils with oleophobic coatings


#2  Texture: Gloss or Matte Finish

Through increased roughness a matte finish is created which hides the fingerprint through diffuse reflectance.

•   The surface roughness can drive the type of AFP coating required to maximize performance.


#3  Color:  Light Absorption of Surface

Lighter colored substrates reflect more light and are less sensitive to light absorption by fingerprints.

  • Nanoscale: 2-4 nm Thick Treatments

  • No or Minimal Capital Equipment

  • Easy to Apply

  • Easy Scale Up

  • Flexible Application Methods

  • Treat Sensitive Parts

  • Consumer Applied Technologies

  • OEM Applied Technologies

  • Durable Treatments

  • Eliminate FIngerprints

  • Improve ease of cleaning

  • Treat Metals and Metal Oxides

  • Treat Glass Oxides and Polymers

Extremely thin, optically clear AFP – Hiding Power treatments are applied to the surface which:

Hide the oil of the fingerprint

    • Allow light to pass, significantly reducing its appearance

Offer Easy Clean Properties

    • Oleophobic behavior assists with making it easier to clean fingerprints without chemicals

Offer Durability

    • Robust coatings are abrasion resistant and offer ongoing AFP performance after normal handling

Extremely thin, optically clear easy-clean treatments are applied to the surface which:

Increase oleophobicity & hydrophobicity

    • Significantly improves the ease of cleaning fingerprint contaminated surfaces

Allow for cleaning with no solvents

    • Remove fingerprints with dry cloth wipe

Offer Durability

    • Robust coatings are abrasion resistant and offer ongoing AFP performance after normal handling


Through increased roughness, a matte finish is created, able to hide the fingerprint through diffuse reflectance. 

Matte Finish

      • Results in diffuse reflection

      • Helps to hide appearance of fingerprints

Glossy Finish

      • Results in specular reflection

      • Maximizes appearance of fingerprints

How to Leverage Effects of Texture

By better understanding the impacts of texture on fingerprint behavior it can be used to your advantage.

      • Increase matte level to further hide fingerprints

      • Adjust surface texture in parallel with AFP Coatings to maximize desired performance

      • Utilize knowledge of viewing angle impacts to your advantage

Color: Light Absorption of Surface

Lighter colored substrates reflect more light and are less sensitive to light absorption by smudge.

Color impacts the substrates native fingerprint hiding power.

Darker colors tend to show a higher level of fingerprinting than light.

➤Benefit from treatments focusing on Hiding Power

Light colors naturally do a better job of hiding fingerprints due to high reflectivity.

➤Lighter colors tend to benefit more from treatments with focus on ease of cleaning

Different colors may require individual solutions where all else remains the same!

How Do We Characterize Textured/Colored Surfaces?

Glossmeter: BYK micro Tri-Gloss or Elcometer 480 Triangle Model T

Both read gloss in % reflectance at three angles 20/60/85 degrees

  • Measure the Gloss of the Surface

  • Can measure initial level of smudging with Human fingerprint

Can measure remove of smudge (Removal vs # of Wipes)

How do we characterize smudging and fingerprints?

BYK iMac – Total color impression of effect finishes

The appearance of effect finishes is influenced by different viewing angles and viewing conditions. Apart from a light-dark flop and color shift special sparkling effects can be created. The BYK-mac i measures both multi-angle color and flake characterization.

  • Traditional 5-angle color measurement: 15° / 25° / 45° / 75° / 110°

  • Additional color measurement behind the gloss for color travel of interference pigments: -15°

  • Sparkle and graininess measurement for flake characterization

Aculon “Working From Home” Webinar Series: Anti Fingerprint Solutions

Anti-fingerprint Webinar 4/16/2020

Hosted by CEO Edward Hughes


Dr. Eric Bruner, Company President & Co-Founder

Mario Gattuso, Senior Business and Product Development Manager

Download Webinar Presentation PDF

Watch Live Webinar Presentation

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