Parylene / CVD Coating Alternative Technology


Application of parylene or CVD coatings has been used for some time to enhance the lifetime and reliability of electronics made to operate in harsh environments. Parylene coatings are typically used on PCBs to protect from moisture attack, chemicals, salt and other exposures. Parylene is expensive and difficult to apply, but has proven to be very reliable so is typically utilized in critical applications where 20+ years of performance are critical, such as aviation and military applications. The high cost and difficulty required to apply CVD are challenging for the consumer electronics market as product lifetimes of 1-3 years are typically all that is required. Other challenges with parylene and CVD coatings include:

  • Extremely expensive capital equipment
  • Long batch times lead to low throughput and high labor costs
  • Reworking is impossible or extremely difficult
  • Masking is complicated and time intensive
  • Difficult to do selective deposition


Aculon® NanoProof® line of coatings are cost effective solutions which exceed the performance of traditional conformal coatings while also solving the above issues:

  • Thin and uniform coatings. Good edge coverage
  • Extremely quick dry times
  • Up to IPX7+ levels of protection
  • Easy to rework
  • No masking needed
  • Flexible application methods
  • Thin coatings can be utilized in nearly any packaging configuration

Aculon vs leading parylene coatings

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