Particle Treatment Technology

particle treament nanocoatings

Aculon’s particle treatments can be used on a broad range of materials used in many different applications including metals, metal oxides, polymers, and ceramics. Excellent for functionalizing the surface of particles and fillers intended for use in highly specialized applications.

Yttria Nanoparticle Technology

Aculon has exclusively licensed patented technology from Princeton University for coating oxide surfaces, including metal oxide and yttria nanoparticles. This technology, along with other surface modification techniques, coating methods and materials developed at Aculon, serve as a platform on which nanoparticle surfaces can be tailored for a broad range of uses. One application of coating yttria particles has immediate commercial potential to effectively compete with Quantum dots for bioimaging and labeling systems. For more information on Aculon’s yttria nanoparticle technology click here. Call +1-858-350-9499 or click the request information button below to discuss directly with an Aculon representative.

Particle Treatment Applications Include:

Particle Treatment Substrate Compatibility

Aculon’s particle treatments are compatible with the following types of materials.Click through to see whether
specific substrate is compatible with the technology.

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