SMT Stencil Nano-Coatings

Aculon® NanoClear® SMT Stencil Nano-Coating is the world’s premier stencil coating. With an extremely simple, quick, and effective coating process, NanoClear® will improve print quality, increase throughput, reduce defects and enhance printing with small apertures.

NanoClear being applied to a stencil

World's #1 Electronic SMT Stencil Nano-Coating

Aculon®, an award-winning & proven supplier to the SMT stencil industry, introduces Aculon® NanoClear®, the best-in-class SMT stencil nano-coating technology that improves print quality, increases efficiency, lowers total costs and enhances printing on all SMT stencils, both simple & complex.

The technology you need in NanoClear® SMT stencil nano-coating

Faster release and improved print resolution is achieved as the paste is more easily released from the aperture walls due to the fluxophobic nature of the treatment. By using NanoClear®, your stencil will repel flux which means:

  • Better Quality Printing
  • Reduce Underside Cleaning
  • No Capital Equipment
  • Durable Treatment
  • Apply in less than 5 Minutes
  • Treat Sensitive Apertures
  • Treats Aperture Walls
  • Cost Effective
  • Industry Proven
  • Increased Print Reliability
  • Reduced Paste Transfer
  • Reduce Flux Bleed
  • Reduce Solder Ball Transfer
  • Improve First Pass Yield

Overcome (PD) Printing Dysfunction!

NanoClear® SMT stencil nano-coating has helped countless engineers overcome their issues with printing dysfunction (PD). Now you too can make PD a thing of the past with NanoClear. Cheap, simple, & works every time.

Solve Print Problems with NanoClear Stencil Coating
Eliminate solder stencil print issues with NanoClear
Improve SMT printer performance with Nanoclear
Solve critical SMT solder print problems

How it works

Performance you can trust

Faster release and improved print resolution is achieved as the paste is more easily released from the aperture walls due to the fluxophobic nature of the SMT stencil nano-coating.

As can be seen in the image the QFN printed with a Nanoclear stencils is drastically improved over uncoated.
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NanoClear SMT Stencil Durability

NanoClear® is robust and can withstand significant use and abrasion from repeated printing and cleaning cycles. Independent testing proves that NanoClear® offers best-in-class durable performance. The ability of an SMT stencil treated with NanoClear® far outperforms the initial performance of all competitive materials. NanoClear’s ability to repel flux is maintained for over 100,000 abrasion cycles after treatment, while the performance of competitive spray applied material quickly falls off quickly from an already weak, barely fluxophobic starting point.
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NanoClear® Application Process

Application of NanoClear® SMT Stencil Nano-Coating couldn't be easier. With a NanoClear® dual wipe, water source, and just five minutes of time you can have an SMT stencil that has been properly treated with a robust and high performing coating of NanoClear®. Follow these simple steps:

  • Start with a visibly clean & degreased SMT stencil
  • Using heavy pressure scrub the Part A cleaner onto the bottom side of the SMT stencil for 60 seconds
  • Rinse with running DI (ideal) or tap water until all cleaner is thoroughly removed (Critical step!)
  • Dry SMT stencil after rinsing
  • Using heavy pressure scrub the Part B treatment onto the bottom side of the SMT stencil for 60 seconds

NanoClear® Completely Coats the Aperture Wall!

In order to quantitatively prove what we have known since launch, that NanoClear® SMT Stencil Nano-Coating does in fact completely coat the aperture wall we completed a TEM analysis on a range of SMT stencils. As you can see from the results, NanoClear® successfully coats the aperture walls!

NanoClear® Spray

NanoClear® is now available in convenient spray form! Our spray kit includes all you need to treat 200 Stencils, including an HVLP sprayer and cleaning solution. Advantages of this application method include:

  • Improved Solder Transfer for Fine Pitch Apertures
  • Improved Durability
  • Proven Technology
  • No Cure
  • Treat Entire Apertures
  • Apply at Stencil House or End User
  • No Paste Contamination
  • No Chipping/Cracking

How much can you save with NanoClear®?

Utilize the Nanoclear® Cost of Ownership calculator to quickly determine your cost savings, payback time, & additional uptime resulting from utilizing Nanoclear®. The Cost of Ownership calculator is an easy to use downloadable Excel file with no locked cells that is easily customized to match the specifics of your operation.

Real-World Results

NanoClear® Reduces Defects by 50%, Increases Throughput by 35%

Rauland-Borg, an integrated communications technology company that builds nurses call stations and school bell systems, used Aculon’s NanoClear® stencil treatment to reduce SMT defects by 52% and save over $400,000 on a $5000 investment.
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Stronger Formulation

Faster release and improved print resolution is achieved as the paste is more easily released from the aperture walls due to the fluxophobic nature of the treatment. The Aculon® NanoClear® Stencil treatments are now 50% stronger due to a greater concentration. As can be seen from the contact angle graph, a treated stencil is 8 times more oil repellent than an untreated stencil even after 100,000 abrasion cycles.

Better Quality Printing

The better quality printing is due to the reduction in bridging as the flux is now repelled from the aperture walls. Tests have shown that treated stencils show significantly reduced the cleaning cycle frequency resulting in both improved print quality and better manufacturing efficiency.

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Ready to Improve Your Print Process?

Interested in seeing how NanoClear® can improve your process? Get in touch with any questions and to arrange for your free test samples.

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