Can SMT Stencil Nano-Coatings Contaminate Solder Paste?

We often get asked whether it is possible for SMT stencil nano-coatings to contaminate the solder paste or pose a reliability risk to Solder Joints? In this technical bulletin we will cover why utilizing NanoClear SMT stencil nanocoating is safe for your process.


Technical Bulletin Series

NanoClear SMT Stencil Nano-Coating Will Never Contaminate Solder Paste!!

After over 1,000,000 stencil applications and several trillion solder joints, ZERO NanoClear-related failures have been reported! Why?

  • Is only one molecule thick
  • Does not flake
  • Does not chip
  • Is durable
  • Leaves no residue
  • Is non-ionic
  • Is covalently bound
  • Is Proven!

NanoClear SMT Stencil Nano-Coating Utilizes Nano-Coating Technology

NanoClear®, leverages Aculon's® proprietary SAMP technology, a robust fluxophobic surface treatment which effectively functionalizes your stencil with a coating only 2-4nm thick. There are no concerns with solder paste contamination as NanoClear® is an incredibly robust covalently bound solution. In addition were any of the NanoClear® material to wear off it would be at such low levels of contamination as to be undetectable in your solder paste even on the most sensitive of analytical instruments. With over 1 million stencils treated with NanoClear® and zero contamination complaints you can be confident there will be no impact on your solder paste performance.


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