Why Should Softer Wipes Be Used With SMT Stencil NanoCoatings?

We often get asked why we highly recommend that soft under stencil wipes are utilized with SMT stencil nano-coatings like NanoClear? In this technical bulletin we will cover why utilizing soft under stencil wipes with your NanoClear coated SMT stencil is critical for your process.


Technical Bulletin Series

Abrasive Under Stencil Wipes May Damage the Nano Coating!!

Uncoated stencils require harsh papers to effectively scrape away sticky flux, but stencils coated with NanoClear® release flux and solder paste more easily.

Because NanoClear® repels flux, use softer wiper paper and clean less frequently on coated stencils to enhance durability and to save money.

Examples of soft wiper paper include:

  • DEK ECO roll
  • Hyperclean® P4200
  • MicroCare® MicroWipe­­­®

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