How do SMT Stencil Nano-Coatings Like NanoClear Improve Print Quality?

We often get asked how exactly NanoClear SMT stencil nano-coatings improve print quality? In this technical bulletin we will cover how utilizing NanoClear SMT stencil nanocoating will improve the quality of your print and your process.


Technical Bulletin Series

NanoClear SMT Stencil Nano-Coating Provide Numerous Process Benefits!!

  • Reduced Print Variation
  • Less Peaking or "Dog Ears"
  • Crisper Print Definition
  • Reduced Under Wipe Requirements

Print Improvements

0.5mm QFN & 0201s

10 Consecutive Prints without a wipe

One half of stencil bare, the other half treated with NanoClear®

NanoClear Print Quality

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Ready to Improve Your Print Process?

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