How long do SMT Stencil Nano-Coatings Like NanoClear Last?

We often get asked how long it is reasonably expected for SMT stencil nano-coatings such as NanoClear to last? In this technical bulletin we will cover reasonable expected lifetimes, what variables impact longevity and how you can use this knowledge to increase the liftetime of your NanoClear SMT stencil nanocoating.


Technical Bulletin Series

NanoClear SMT Stencil Nano-Coating Users Most Typically Report 25K Print Cycles!

NanoClear SMT Stencil NanoCoating durability depends on many factors, including:

  • Abrasiveness of wiper paper/fabric
  • Wipe frequency
  • Solvent or dry under stencil wipe
  • pH of under wipe and off-line cleaning solvents
  • Solder paste chemistry
  • Wiper pressure against stencil

Tips to Increase NanoClear® Durability & Lifetime

NanoClear®, is very chemical and abrasion resistant, but coarse under wipe papers designed for uncoated stencils can scratch the coating of the foil over an extended period of time.

  • Softer papers are more effective at cleaning tencils and preserving the thin coating. Examples of less abrasive papers include the DEK ECO roll, Hyperclean® P4200, or MicroCare® MicroWipe™
  • Extending the frequency of under wiping helps limit the abrasion, and is a benefit that NanoClear affords its users.
  • Solvent wipe provides lubrication to decrease the abrasion of the wiper textile.
  • Higher wiper pressures will increase the abrasion of the wiper textile
  • pH neutral, or pH<9 solvents will not attack most nanocoatings. Solvents with pH>9 will attack both wipe-on and spray-on coatings.
  • Any signs of wear will first be visible at the end of the under wipe stroke, where flux gets left behind on the stencil.

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