How Can I Demonstrate NanoClear's Cost Savings?

We often get asked what the payback in both costs savings and productivity from implementing NanoClear SMT Stencil Coatings in production? In this technical bulletin we will cover how to utilize the NanoClear Cost Savings estimator!


Technical Bulletin Series

Utilize the NanoClear Cost Calculator!!

NC Cost Calc

Cost Calculator Tab

  • Enter times and labor rates
  • Enter wiper paper and solvent information
  • Costs calculated in yellow cells are fed into the Cost Savings tabs

Cost Savings Tab

  • Enter projected improvement in quality, productivity, and operational costs
  • Play "What if?" scenarios
  • Cost savings calculated per print and per year
  • Payback is calculated in terms of # of prints
  • Additional up-time is also calculated
NC Cost Calc

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