Membrane Coating Technology

Our membrane coatings & treatments enable optimized performance of specialty  membranes utilized in a wide variety of applications, including medical. Options for coating membranes include hydrophilic coatings and/or repellent (hydrophobic/oleophobic) surface coatings which can be utilized to significantly alter the surface behavior. All solutions are PFOA and PFOS free ensuring regulatory compliance in all regions. Solutions are easy-to-apply scalable treatments that can bond with a wide array of surfaces utilized in common membrane applications. Together we create winning membranes!


Membrane Coatings. Hydrophilic Membranes. Hydrophobic Membranes.

Aculon® has a variety of surface coating technologies capable of functionalizing countless membranes to have altered behavior. This can be accomplished without traditional vacuum deposition, cure steps, or other complicated processes. These ultra thin treatments are easily applied via variety of liquid phase technologies and application methods. Both Repellent (hydrophobic & oleophobic) and hydrophilic (water attracting) technologies are available and can be utilized independently or in conjunction with each other to create the desired effect.

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Enhance Oil & Water Repellency While Maintaining Air Permeability

Aculon®'s membrane surface coating technologies  can alter surface behavior of membranes without clogging or negatively impacting the function of a membranes air permeability. By functionalizing the membrane surface with a nanoscale surface modification treatment the membrane can be altered to repel liquid water or oil while also maintaining full air permeability.

You can observe in the images to the right from both zoomed and wide angles the Aculon coated mesh membrane has no clogging or material buildup which would prevent its proper function.

PFOA & PFOS Free Membrane Coatings

Aculon's membrane coatings not only offer drastic performance improvements but are also PFOA & PFOS free! You can now address your  membrane coating needs with solutions that will not be impacted by current and upcoming PFOA & PFOA regulations. Not only are our membrane coatings a regulatory solution for your existing membrane coatings which contain C8 chains, PFOA, or PFOS, but they also have numerous performance advantages. Click to learn more about our PFOA & PFOS free hydrophobic coatings!

PFOA Free Coatings

Would your membrane application benefit from utilizing nanoscale surface coatings?

Thin-film surface coating technologies can be used to address a wide variety of membrane challenges. Some examples below where an surface modification coating will help improve the quality of your membrane product. Reach out to us at +1-858-350-9499 or contact us here to see how we can help!

  • Desire to prevent certain liquids from passing
  • Material is wicking in an undesired fashion
  • Regulatory issues of current solution containing PFOA/PFOS
  • Material is not wicking as desired
  • Liquid interaction with membrane is not ideal

Membrane Coating Platforms

Our repellent technologies for membranes will yield a robust and long lasting hydrophobic and oleophobic surface. Typical water contact angles (measurement of surface energy) are in the 115°-120° range and typical oil contact angles are in the 75°-85° range. These treatments are nanoscale, as thin as 2-4 nm thin leaving your part visually unchanged and optically clear. These materials can be applied via numerous liquid phase methods. A self assembling process ensures a uniform and even treatment every time!

Our hydrophilic technologies are thin and optically clear and will yield a robust and long lasting hydrophilic surface on your membrane application. Typical water contact angles (measurement of surface energy) are in the <10° range. Common uses include creating water wetting surfaces that will draw liquids to desired areas. These materials can be applied via numerous liquid phase application methods. A self assembling process ensures a uniform and even treatment every time!

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Why Membrane Coatings from Aculon?

We are surface modification experts who have developed and produced  surface chemistry technologies to modify a broad variety of surfaces utilized in membrane applications, such as metal, glass, and polymers for nearly 20 years.

These treatments are all thin, easy to apply, safe, and non-toxic, with green options available. We have worked on countless industrial applications, invested hundreds of thousand of hours solving a wide variety of surface related challenges. You are very likely reading this as you too have a challenge that can be solved by modifying your surface to have improved surface qualities. We will work directly with you on a customized solution tailored to the unique needs of your product. Let us help you make your product better.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us at +1-858-350-9499 or contact us here to see how we can help!

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