Medical Surface Coating Applications

Aculon® surface coating technologies can be utilized for numerous medical applications, enabling unique performance, process simplification and excellent value across a broad range of medical surfaces and applications.

Nanocoating Medical Applications

Your medical surface coating problems solved!

From medical devices utilizing hydrophilic coatings to ease insertion, modification of filters and membranes to alter surface behavior, to medical devices requiring waterproofing of electronic components, we can help you treat your medical related surfaces to improve wettability, lubricity, repel water & oil, and so much more. Our solutions include:

Functionalize catheters, guidewires, & other minimally invasive devices to have improved lubricity with hydrophilic surface coatings.
Learn more about hydrophilic coatings

Protect critical PCBs and electronics from failure due to exposure to water or other fluids.
Learn more about PCB waterproofing

Drastically alter the behavior of filters & membranes for optimized performance with a variety of surface functional treatments.
Learn more about membrane & filter coatings

Create finely patterned microfludic surfaces and devices with liquid repelling and/or attracting surface treatments.
Learn more about coatings for microfluidics

Functionalize surfaces to have drastically altered behavior when exposed to blood or other bodily/medical fluids.
Learn more about coatings for repelling blood

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