Hydrophilic Coating Technology

Aculon’s hydrophilic treatments can bond with many different surfaces at the nano-scale to create extremely water-attracting surfaces. This innovative hydrophilic coating technology is extremely easy to apply using different methods, many requiring little or no costly capitol equipment.

Aculon’s patented hydrophilic surface treatments come into their own in environments and conditions characterized by the need for a lubricious or water-attracting surface. Our range of hydrophilic technologies services a wide array of applications and durability requirements.

Aculon serves as a partner to many healthcare companies seeking to create lubricious surfaces on medical devices. Many of our innovative hydrophilic technologies are biocompatible and improve performance in many medical devices. Additionally, our coatings are very easy to apply; many requiring only the submersion of the part in our coating for 30 seconds to be fully functional (with no cure).

Optimized Hydrophilic Treatments

The Aculon treatments result in a functionalized surface that is highly water attracting. With a surface prepared with our hydrophilic chemistry, we typically see water contact angles of less than 10°. This is especially useful in applications with optical or anti-fog requirements. Water will not bead up nearly as much as an untreated surface. Instead, the water will spread out on a thin layer on the surface, which will create much easier viewing conditions. Our optical customers often come to us looking for a hydrophobic coating to repel water off of their surface and end up purchasing a hydrophilic coating because of their success enhancing transparency on these kinds of applications.


Our hydrophilic coatings share similar durability characteristics with our repellent coatings. Most of our chemistries are durable up to 250°C. Abrasion resistance amongst our coatings vary – We offer low durability (an economical option for single-use devices) to near permanent durability. Contact us to determine which technology is best for your substrate and application.

Hydrophilic Coating Applications Include:

  • Hydrophilic Coatings for Medical Devices
  • Hydrophilic Coating Treatments for Optical Applications
  • Hydrophilic treatments for Display Applications
  • Hydrophilic treatments for Electronics Applications
  • Hydrophilic Coatings for Industrial Applications
  • Hydrophilic Coating Treatments for Consumer Goods Applications
  • And Many More…

Hydrophilic Treatment Substrate Compatibility

Aculon’s hydrophilic treatments are compatible with the following types of materials:

  • Metals
  • Polymers
  • Glass/Ceramics
  • Particles
  • Semiconductors
  • Fabrics/Other
  • And Many More!

The Aculon Advantage

  • Nanoscale: 2-4 nm Thick Treatments
  • No or Minimal Capital Equipment
  • Easy to Apply
  • Easy Scale Up
  • Flexible Application Methods
  • Treat Sensitive Parts
  • Consumer Applied Technologies
  • OEM Applied Technologies
  • Durable Treatments
  • Functionalize Nanoparticles
  • Increase Hydrophilicity
  • Treat Metals and Metal Oxides
  • Treat Glass Oxides and Polymers
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