Hydrophilic, Oleophobic, & Hydrophobic Coatings for Goggles

Hydrophobic Laser and Optics Treatments

Hydrophobic and oleophobic treated goggles

Aculon’s nanoscale hydrophobic goggles treatment technology creates repelling surfaces which repels nearly every type of liquid. In addition these treatments are compatible with numerous substrates from metals, polymers, to semiconductors and glass oxides, ensuring that no matter what your optical component is made of there is a compatible Aculon technology. Your goggle lenses can be treated in very easy processing steps to be both hydrophobic and oleophobic. This is often a benefit when a “self-cleaning” surface is desired or when prevention of moisture accumulation is desirable during hing intensity outdoors activity.

Oleophobic Goggle Treatments

Aculon also has oleophobic treatments for Goggles. Similarly to Aculon’s hydrophobic treatment, Aculon’s oleophobic technology for treating goggles requires little to no capitol equipment and can make nearly any type of substrate hydrophobic and oleophobic.

Hydrophilic Goggle Coatings

Aculon also has hydrophilic treatments and coatings for goggles. When an anti-fog surface is desired for you goggles, contact us to find out how we can help you to successfully coat your parts. Aculon also packages it’s technology for sale directly to consumers for self application.

Contact us now by clicking the link or calling us at 858-350-9474 to discuss how we can easily make your specialized nozzle, syringe, or needle surfaces hydrophobic and oleophobic or hydrophilic.

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