Electronics Surface Coating Applications

Aculon® surface coating technologies can be utilized for numerous electronics coating applications, enabling unique performance, process simplification and excellent value across a broad range of electronics surfaces and interfaces.

PCB Protection - Electronic Coating - Nanocoating Surface Technology

Your electronic surface problems solved!

From individual components & internal circuit boards to smartphones to laptop computers, we can help you treat & coat your electronic surfaces to improve adhesion, repel water, oil, fingerprints, and so much more. Our solutions include:

Improve the performance of all electronics by protecting circuit boards from accidental water exposure.
Learn more about PCB Waterproofing

NanoClear® improves print quality and performance of all SMT solder stencils.
Learn more about SMT stencil nano-coatings

Drastically decrease the appearance of fingerprints on your electronics devices.
Learn more about anti-fingerprint coatings

Improve bond strength and adhesion performance on critical component & PCB applications.
Learn more about adhesion promotion

Repellent nanoscale barrier treatments prevent adhesive flow out.
Learn more about epoxy & underfill control

Functionalized test pins reduce cleaning and replacement frequency.
Learn more about test pin repellency

Optimize sapphire to be repellent for improved performance.
Learn more about coatings for sapphire

Tell us about your electronics application!

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