Blood Repellent Coating Treatments

Blood repellent coating

Aculon’s nanoscale blood repellent coating technology creates a blood repelling surfaces which repels blood from numerous types of substrates. From fabrics to plastics and metals, Aculon’s blood repellent coating services a wide array of potential applications.

Specialty medical devices and surfaces can be treated in easy steps to be blood repellent. Numerous parts will benefit from being blood repellent where a soiled surface is undesirable. Also keep surfaces clean and grime free with blood repellent treatments that are also easy to clean.

Aculon’s blood repellent treatments can be applied in as few as one easy step and all of Aculon’s technologies require minimal capitol equipment. Most applications require no capitol equipment! Contact us now by clicking the link below or calling us at 858-350-9474 to discuss how we can easily make your specialized medical device surfaces repel blood and other bodily fluids.

Blood Repellent Coating applications Include:

  • Microfluidic Devices
  • Capillary Flow
  • Disposable Sample and Test Kits
  • Needles and Syringes
  • Medical Clothing & Fabrics
  • And many more!
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