Anti-Fingerprint Coatings

Our patented anti fingerprint (AFP) coating treatments improve performance of virtually any product subject to fingerprints via easy-to-apply nano-coatings that can bond with a wide array of surfaces. Together we create winning fingerprint free products!

SMT Global Award

Fingerprint Hiding. Easy to clean. Long lasting performance.

Aculon® has a variety of anti-fingerprint (AFP) coating technologies capable of functionalizing numerous substrate types to have anti fingerprint properties. Aculon's® anti fingerprint coatings and treatments significantly increase the hiding power and ease of cleaning of various substrates, including metal with roughening or texture. In addition these AFP coatings are ultra thin (nanoscale), optically clear and quite durable. There are numerous performance advantages to having an anti fingerprint coated surface on countless applications.

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Does your product need an anti-fingerprint coating?

Anti-fingerprint (AFP) surface coating technologies can be used to address a wide variety of problems. Some examples below where an AFP coating will help improve the quality of your product.  Reach out to us at +1-858-350-9499 or contact us here to see how we can help!

  • Fingerprints are unsightly and have a negative impact on the customer experience
  • Cleaning your surface is time consuming, expensive, or impossible.
  • Fingerprints negatively impact performance of optics
  • Fingerprint oils or other contaminants are difficult to clean without chemical cleaners
  • Fingerprints negatively impact quality of touchscreen displays

Real World Applications

Devices that are impacted by fingerprints

Electronic Components

Countless electronics applications benefit from having an anti fingerprint coated surface. A broad range of technologies at our disposal means we can tackle most any electronics coating repellency challenge.
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metal repellency coating application


There are countless applications in numerous industries that can benefit from a anti fingerprint coatedsurface. Chances are if you have an application which can benefit from a fingerprint free coating, we have looked at it before and can help.
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Project Information

How it Works

What is anti-fingerprint coating technology?

Aculon® patented Anti-Fingerprint surface coatings & treatments are successful in environments characterized by frequent human contact (such as smart phones or other personal electronic devices) or where high concentrations of oily residues and grimy deposits occur. Most of these surfaces become very dirty, very quickly, displaying fingerprints and smudges. In addition, they are usually difficult to clean without using detergents or solvents. Aculon® Anti-Fingerprint coatings are able to significantly reduce/eliminate the visibility of smudges and fingerprints in addition to significantly improving the ease of cleaning.

Aculon® Anti-Fingerprint coatings bond fingerprint hiding layers of nanoscale thickness onto various substrates, imparting fingerprint-hiding and easy-to-clean properties.

Phone with anti fingerprint coating
Dirty phone screen with fingerprints and smudges

What Problem Are We Solving?

Fingerprints are everywhere. Anywhere a product is touched by consumers, unsightly fingerprints are sure to be left behind. Consequently, the appearance and quality of all product surfaces are compromised and the optical quality of touchscreens is significantly degraded.

Fingerprints are a pressing issue for numerous markets where touchscreens or portable devices are utilized. By reducing the appearance of fingerprints on your surface Aculon® Anti-Fingerprint Coating Technology will drastically enhance the consumer experience.

What Drives Anti-Fingerprint Coating Performance?

Surface Treatments & Coatings

Anti-fingerprint (AFP) coatings, typically utilized for darker substrates, focuses on hiding of initial fingerprint by tuning surface energy, while Easy-Clean (EC) coatings, typically utilized on lighter colored substrates, focus on easy removal of oils with oleophobic coatings.

Texture: Gloss or Matte Finish

The surface roughness can drive the type of AFP coating required to maximize performance. Through increased roughness, a matte finish is created which hides the fingerprint through diffuse reflectance.

Color: Light absorption of Surface

Lighter colored substrates reflect more light and are less sensitive to light absorption by fingerprints.

Smart phone with anti fingerprint (AFP) coating
Anti-Fingerprint hiding power surface treatment

Fingerprint Hiding Power

Extremely thin, durable, optically clear anti-fingerprint coatings & treatments are typically utilized on darker substrates and are applied to the surface which:

  • Hides the oil of the fingerprint
    Allowing light to pass through and significantly reducing its appearance
  • Offer Easy Clean Properties
    Oleophobic behavior assists with making it easier to clean fingerprints without chemicals
  • Offer Durability
    Robust coatings are abrasion resistant and offer ongoing AFP performance after normal handling

Easy to Clean

Extremely thin, optically clear easy-clean treatments are typically utilized on light colored substrates and are applied to the surface which:

  • Increases oleophobicity & hydrophobicity
    Significantly improves the ease of cleaning fingerprint contaminated surfaces
  • Allow for cleaning with no solvents
    Remove fingerprints with dry cloth wipe
  • Offer Durability
    Robust coatings are abrasion resistant and offer ongoing Easy Clean AFP performance after normal handling
Untreated surface vs. Aculon-treated, easy-to-clean surface
Untreated surface on left, Aculon-treated surface on right
Texturized surface hides fingerprints

Effects of Texture

Through increased roughness, a matte finish is able to hide the appearance of fingerprints through diffuse reflectance.

Glossy finishes result in specular reflection, and maximize the appearance of fingerprints.

You can use surface texture to your advantage to minimize fingerprints by:

  • Increasing matte level to further hide fingerprints
  • Adjusting surface texture in parallel with AFP Coatings to maximize desired performance
  • Utilizing knowledge of viewing angle impacts to your advantage

Effects of Color

Color impacts a surface's native fingerprint hiding power.

Darker colors tend to show a higher level of fingerprinting than light. These surfaces benefit from treatments focusing on Hiding Power

Light colors naturally do a better job of hiding fingerprints due to high reflectivity. These surfaces benefit more from treatments with focus on ease of cleaning

Different colors may require individual solutions where all else remains the same.

Impact of color on fingerprint visibility
SMT Global Award

Award Winning Technology!

Winner of the 2020 Global SMT Global Technology Award

  • Conformal Coating Materials Category
  • Aculon Anti-Fingerprint Coatings

Why Anti-Fingerprint Coatings from Aculon?

We are surface coating experts who have developed and produced anti-fingerprint surface coating technologies to modify a broad variety of surfaces, such as metal, glass, and polymers for nearly 20 years.

These nano-coatings & treatments are all thin, easy to apply, safe, and non-toxic, with green options available. We have worked on countless anti-fingerprint coating applications, invested hundreds of thousand of hours solving anti-fingerprint surface related challenges. You are very likely reading this as you too have a challenge that can be solved by coating your surface to have anti-fingerprint qualities. We will work directly with you on a customized anti fingerprint coating solution tailored to the unique needs of your product. Let us help you make your product better.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us at +1-858-350-9499 or contact us here to see how we can help!

Problem Fingerprint on digital device

Aculon Webinar Series

April 16, 2020

Anti Fingerprint Solutions

Hosted by C.E.O, Edward Hughes, Company President & Co-Founder, Dr. Eric Bruner, and Senior Business Development and Product Manager, Mario Gattuso.

Tell us about your anti-fingerprint application!

Do you have a question for us, or a product that can benefit from an anti-fingerprint coating? Get in touch and let’s talk!

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