Aculon Measurement Integrity (AMI)

Redefining metal and lined surfaces to improve hydrocarbon and produced water metering uncertainty by eliminating meter fouling.


Proven Technology

The AMI treatment improves meter reliability and eliminates the need for routine maintenance caused by fouling or buildup on new and existing flow measurement devices.  This is accomplished through a surface modification treatment that is proven to prevent these build ups inside the measuring devices. Fouling of flow measurement devices, particularly when used for custody transfer, is problematic as it yields metering uncertainty, costly routine maintenance, and downtime.


Improve meter reliability and eliminate routine maintenance cost with a surface modification treatment that is guaranteed to prevent fouling buildup on new and existing flow measurement devices.

  • Nanoscale omniphobic treatment to prevent paraffin fouling
  • Robust with 1 year service contract
  • Cost effective
  • Proven with over 6000 meters treated
  • Treated on-site or offsite at AMI Service Locations
  • Treatment can be applied to new and used meters
AcuFlow before and after 2


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