Many of Aculon’s adhesion promotion technologies are now for direct shipment. Please click the link below for more information on our standard technologies. Also for specialized projects or projects with complicated needs we still offer optimization services to fine tune a custom solution for you! Contact Us now to discuss how we can find a solution for your important project.

Adhesion Promoter for Aluminum Substrates

Aculon’s aluminum adhesion promotion technology capitalizes on both the unique bonding potential to a variety of aluminum substrates and the versatility to modify the “other end” of SAMPs to deliver superior bonding to subsequently deposited coatings on aluminum. Aculon researchers have demonstrated adhesion promotion between various aluminums, such as paint to aluminum or adhesive to aluminum using chemically reactive SAMPs.

Aluminum Adhesion Promotion Coating

The use of Aculon’s aluminum adhesion promotors can eliminate the need for more costly pre-treatment or surface roughening that is often needed to promote adhesion of various substances to aluminum surfaces

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