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Aculon® AcuFlow® nanocoating is the world’s best flow assurance coating. With an extremely simple, quick, and effective coating process, AcuFlow® prevents both organic and inorganic deposits from sticking to metal surfaces, increase yield and throughput, and drastically reduce cleaning processing.  Learn more about our AcuFlow flow assurance coating technology!

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World's #1 Flow Assurance Nano-Coating

Aculon®, an award-winning & proven supplier to the oil and gas industry, introduces Aculon® AcuFlow®, the best-in-class flow assurance nano-coating technology that improves oil flow, reduces contamination and buildup, lowers total costs and eliminates cleaning processes on all oil flow applications.

Reliable Performance You Need

Improved flow and reduced cleaning processes are achieved as treated metal parts are repellent to aqueous and organic materials due to the hydrophobic  and oleophobic nature of the treatment. By using AcuFlow®, your parts will have drastically improved performance, which means:

Stacked steel pipe with sunlight  reflecting on the interior walls. Focus point at rear of pipes.
  • Omniphobic- Hydrophobic & Oleophobic
  • Long Lasting Treatment
  • Prevents Oil Buildup
  • Resists Sludge, Paraffins, Asphaltenes
  • Uniform Thickness (2-4 nm)
  • Reduces Friction in Piping by 25%
  • Durable Coating in Environments with High Reynolds Number Flow Rates
  • Temperature Resistance - Stable up to 250°C
  • Easy to Apply
  • Chemical Resistance to Nearly all Liquid Chemical
  • Optically Clear
  • No Impact to Heat Transfer

AcuFlow® Technology


AcuFlow flow assurance coating utilizes patented proprietary surface technologies capable of covalently bonding to metal alloys, drastically reducing surface energy, modifying the surface to repel both oil and aqueous solutions.


AcuFlow® Real World Results!

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