Aculon® Announces Distribution Partnership with Ellsworth Adhesives

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (MAY 2023)- Aculon, Inc., a US-based manufacturer of electronic protection coatings, entered a non-exclusive global distribution agreement with global distributor Ellsworth Adhesives. The agreement allows Ellsworth Adhesives to distribute Aculon® NanoProof® 3 series.

The NanoProof® 3 series is a drop-in replacement for 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Grade Coatings products, i.e., Novec™ 1700, 1900, and 2700 series. The NanoProof® 3 Series provides up to IPX5 level protection to PCBs and electronic components. This liquid-phase coating uses proprietary polymer technology to achieve dust and water protection across many substrates on a PCB. The NanoProof® 3 series features flexible application methods, including spray, dip, and dispensing, with no cure requirement, quick processing times, improved yields, and reduced equipment costs.

“With 3M’s desire to rapidly exit their Engineered Grade Coating business, customers began reaching out to Aculon® looking for a drop-in replacement to meet their current needs,” shares Edward Hughes, CEO of Aculon®. “We have not only formulated a line of electronics protection coatings to match the 3M™ product line-up but also partnered with Ellsworth Adhesives who is currently the leading distributor of 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Grade Coatings in North America. We can help facilitate a quick transition from 3M™ to Aculon® products, creating a win-win for Aculon®, 3M™, and Ellsworth Adhesives. Ellsworth Adhesives is not only qualified to supply major aerospace and automotive customers but also brings tremendous technical depth with their very strong engineering salesforce.”

Jay Richardson, Vice President of North America for Ellsworth Adhesives adds, “For Ellsworth Adhesives, it is important to support our customers as our partners’ priorities change. We are a globally recognized leader and trusted distributor, having Aculon® step in and meet these needs is aligned with our goal of providing engineered solutions to fit our customers’ needs.”

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About Aculon®

Aculon® specializes in developing and producing unique surface modification technologies for the electronics, consumer products, industrial, and oil and gas industries. Aculon® has over 40 U.S. patents, has won many industry awards for innovation, has worked on thousands of applications, and has invested hundreds of thousands of hours into solving customer surface-related issues. The company’s technologies include hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, oleophobic, and hydrophilic treatments to repel water, oil, paraffin, asphaltenes, and almost all liquids. These treatments are thin, often nano-scale, and are easy to apply. Aculon® is based in San Diego, California and operates globally with operations in Europe and Asia. Aculon® is ISO 9001. Learn more at

About Ellsworth

Ellsworth Adhesives is a global distributor specializing in the supply and logistics of specialty chemicals and equipment. With decades of experience and a team of experts, Ellsworth Adhesives offers customers complete solutions for their application needs by providing value added services and support. We offer custom packaging, converting services, custom formulation, ePlus inventory solutions, low pressure molding (LPM), and meter, mix, and dispensing equipment. Learn more at

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