Aculon Measurement Integrity System Now Being Offered Through Angus Measurement Services, LLP

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (May, 2023)- Aculon® is pleased to announce the launch of the Aculon® Measurement Integrity (AMI) treatment into the Oil & Gas space through a strategic partnership with Angus Measurement Services, LP.  The AMI treatment improves meter reliability and eliminates the need for routine maintenance caused by fouling or buildup on new and existing flow measurement devices.  This is accomplished through a surface modification treatment that is proven to prevent these build ups inside the measuring devices. Fouling of flow measurement devices, particularly when used for custody transfer, is problematic as it yields metering uncertainty, costly routine maintenance, and downtime.  AMI services are offered as an on-site treatment for existing and new equipment or can be performed  at an AMI Service Center, located in either Odessa or Beeville Texas.

“We are pleased to offer the best in class proven measurement integrity technology that has saved operators untold dollars in measurement errors and maintenance costs. Partnering with Angus Measurement Services, a leading measurement and proving company, will accelerate the adoption of this measurement integrity solution setting the gold standard for measurement,” said Edward Hughes CEO of Aculon inc.

“At Angus our mission is to provide customers with highly valued measurement solutions. By combining industry leading measurement technologies with the AMI system, we can improve our customer’s experience, advance our solutions leadership, and drive product adoption that will improve customer’s operations and their bottom line,” said Steve Resnick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Angus Measurement Services, LP.

The AMI treatment involves the application of Aculon’s AcuFlow® proprietary flow assurance nanoscale omniphobic treatment using KopMan’s Surface Property Modification Generation 3 Procedure to prevent fouling on flow measurement devices. Aculon’s AcuFlow® covalently bonds to metal alloys, rapidly reducing the surface energy of the treated product, which allows the surface to repel both oil and aqueous solutions. Covalently bonding to the surface reduces rework and results in long-term benefits such as increased instrumentation reliability, increased service life between cleaning, and reduced equipment downtime. The AMI treatment is a cost-effective solution that has been proven on over 6,000 meters.

About Aculon®

Aculon® specializes in developing and producing unique surface modification technologies for electronics, consumer products, industrial and oil and gas industries. Aculon® has over 40 U.S. patents, has won many industry awards for innovation, and has worked on thousands of applications and invested hundreds of thousands of hours into solving customer surface-related issues. The company’s technologies include hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, oleophobic, and hydrophilic treatments to repel water, oil, paraffin and asphaltenes as well as almost all liquids. These treatments are thin, often nano-scale, and are easy to apply. Aculon is based in San Diego, California and operates globally with operations in Europe and Asia. Aculon® is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Learn more at

About KopMan

KopMan was developed in 2019 after a 5-year case study with a major operator focused on building process and procedures to clean, prep, and treat (CPT) surface areas regarding Oil & Gas production equipment.  With over 6,000 units CPT and tested and not 1 return over that 5-year Research and Development period, KopMan entered the market to provide the AMI treatment to the O&G upstream industry from the service perspective.

About Angus Measurement Services LP

Angus Measurement began in Odessa, Texas in 1998 as a measurement company. Today, Angus Measurement is the leader in the manufacturing and control of high-quality, custom-engineered, liquid custody and allocation measurement systems. In addition to measurement systems, Angus Measurement provides industry leading flow measuring and control technologies and a variety of specialized services to the upstream and midstream oil and gas market. With a team of experienced oil and gas professionals, Angus Measurement works with customers to deliver differentiated measurement solutions, products, and services.  Learn more at

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