Aculon Mold Flash Repellency Technology Wins Conformal Coating Global Technology Award

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (November 15, 2022)- Aculon, Inc’s innovative Mold Flash Repellency Technology utilizing Aculon’s proprietary repellent surface modification treatment has won the 2022 Global Technology Award from Global SMT & Packaging in the Conformal Coatings category.

Aculon, Inc’s Mold Flash Repellency Technology sets a new standard for controlling undesirable mold flash as it prevents epoxy from adhering and contaminating solderpads on semiconductor leadframes. Once epoxy mold flash cures on the solder pad areas it is very difficult to remove and causes the units to be scrapped resulting in expensive yield loss.  Aculon’s mold flash repellency treatment helps either prevent and reduces epoxy mold flash from adhering to the metal surfaces and allows existing deflash processes to work much more effectively – less scrap, increased production yields, reduced unit production cost.

The technology will gain broad based support from semiconductor manufacturers, contract manufacturers, & OEMs as cost reduction is very important, particularly in today’s global macroeconomic environment. Semiconductor companies want increased good units per hour and  increased yields from existing chip assembly processes. The OEM’s are looking for high quality and performance at lower cost without sacrifices in reliability or longevity.

“Increasing yield and saving money is important to all manufacturers. Clearly the team at Global SMT felt the technology was compelling enough to be selected as the most innovative coating product for semiconductor packaging released in the past year.,” said Edward Hughes, CEO of Aculon. “The ability to prevent mold flash contamination with an easy to apply process is very valuable as manufacturers strive for savings, improved performance and push the boundaries of semiconductor package miniaturization. As experts in surface modification and a proven supplier to the Semiconductor and SMT industry we are pleased that Aculon Mold Flash Repellency Technology is getting much media and customer recognition.”

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