Aculon, Shotwell Hydrogenics Partner to Bring Advanced Coatings to South American Energy Market

SAN DIEGO (November 10, 2022) — Aculon, Inc., a specialty chemical company with expertise in developing and manufacturing nano-technology coatings for surface modification, has entered a partnership with Shotwell Hydrogenics, a prominent oil and gas specialty chemical supplier, to expand the adoption of Aculon’s technology in the energy industry.

Midland, Texas-based Shotwell Hydrogenics has an extensive clientele in South America, and the partnership paves the path to distributing Aculon’s AcuFlow chemistries to oil and gas companies in countries including Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.  Aculon’s AcuFlow chemistries prevent fouling by repelling organic and inorganic depositions, such as paraffin and asphaltenes, on stainless steel and other metal alloy surfaces.

“Growing our business in the energy space is a major strategic push for Aculon. The South America upstream oil and gas market has seen an uptick this year as rig counts rise, and spending growth is projected to continue rising in 2023—this creates a tremendous opportunity for our company,” said Edward Hughes, Chairman and CEO of Aculon. “By combining Aculon’s technology to improve flow assurance and enhance performance with Shotwell’s South America reach, we can help operators reduce costs and increase production.”

Several leading U.S.-based oil producers already have adopted Aculon’s nano-coating technology because of the product’s proven ability to capture cost savings and improve flow assurance. AcuFlow is an easy-to-apply coating for mission critical oil field infrastructure such as Coriolis meters, tubulars, sensors, flowlines, electrical submersible, pumps, and valves, providing long-term protection from chemical degradation.

“Partnering with Aculon to bring their differentiated and highly-effective coatings to our clients in the South America market will provide Shotwell’s customers new ways to enhance their performance and safeguard their assets,” said Russell Brown, President of Shotwell Hydrogenics. “This relationship opens a lot of doors and possibilities for both of our entities in the future.”


About Aculon

Aculon specializes in developing and producing unique surface modification technologies for the electronics, consumer products, industrial and oil and gas industries. Aculon has over 40 U.S. patents, has won many industry awards for innovation, and has worked on thousands of applications and invested hundreds of thousands of hours into solving customer surface-related issues. The company’s technologies include hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, oleophobic, and hydrophilic treatments to repel water, oil, paraffin and asphaltenes as well as almost all liquids. These treatments are thin, often nano-scale, and are easy to apply. Aculon is based in San Diego, California and operates globally with operations in Europe and Asia. Aculon is ISO 9001. Learn more at


About Shotwell Hydrogenics

Shotwell Hydrogenics is a chemical manufacturing facility that produces specialty products for the oil and gas industry, HI&I sector, and agriculture. Specializing in performance monitoring and chemical management services, Shotwell offers water-soluble toll blending, chemical selection, and verification. The Midland, Texas-based facility is ISO9001:2015 certified and is the exclusive manufacturer of NRGMax® and OpusMAX® products for the BPS Technology family of companies. Learn more at

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