Aculon, Inc. Welcomes Dr Satya Gupta, retired Baker Hughes Technology Fellow as Technology Advisor for the Energy Sector

Aculon, Inc. announced today that Dr Satya Gupta has been appointed as a Technology Advisor for its Energy business. In this new role, Dr Gupta will advise Aculon on the use of its surface modification technology for the Energy sector including Oil & Gas.

Dr Gupta is a world respected technology expert with over 40 years of experience developing and implementing technologies for the Oil & Gas industry. Dr Gupta retired as an esteemed Technology Fellow from Baker Hughes in 2020 after 26 years helping Baker Hughes be at the forefront of technology globally in the Oil & Gas industry. He was previously Business Development Director, Technology for Baker Hughes pressure pumping (BJ Services). His main personal research interests are applications of molecular science in the oil field including green chemical technologies and unconventional fracturing fluids, with emphasis on waterless fracturing and the use of CO2 in production enhancement.

He has co-authored chapters on “Fracturing Fluids” in the book Modern Fracturing, edited by Economides and Martin; the new SPE monograph on Hydraulic Fracturing; and the chapter on “Fracturing Fluids and Proppants” in the book Hydraulic Fracturing and Drinking Water published by AWWA. He is on the editorial board of SPE and also the Hydraulic Fracture Quarterly Technical Journal. He has presented talks on unconventional fracturing fluids all over the world. He is a member of SPE, NACE, ACS and AIChE. He was SPE Distinguished Lecturer in 2014-15 giving lecture on “How to Frac with Less or No Water” around the world. He has published more than 75 papers and is an inventor on over 180 international and US patents. He is the recipient of Baker Hughes Life Time Achievement Award in 2013, SPE International Completions Optimization and Technology Award in 2017 and IIT Madras Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2018. He has a Doctor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

In announcing Dr Gupta appointment as Technology Advisor, Edward Hughes, Aculon’s Chairman & CEO, explained how this appointment aligns with the organization’s strategic goals. “We have enjoyed enormous growth in our business as our proprietary surface modification techniques have penetrated many markets including Electronics, Specialty, Industrial and Medical. We recently decided to make a concerted direct effort in the Oil & Gas space. In January we hired Elizabeth Cambre to lead our Energy business. Elizabeth knew Dr Gupta from her time at Baker Hughes and said Dr Gupta’s incredible knowledge and expertise would be very valuable to help guide Aculon in the Energy space, particularly as Aculon looks to evaluate nanoscale surface modification chemistry for use with CO2 and liquid petroleum gases for fracturing, enhanced oil recovery, carbon sequestration, carbon storage, and geothermal applications. I am thrilled to have Dr Gupta join us as a Technology Advisor. It is not often you are able to get a Baker Hughes Technology Fellow to help you navigate through the dozens of opportunities we have in the Energy space. His expertise and wisdom will be very valuable.”

“I am excited to advise Aculon, a company that has broad portfolio of products and a reputation for being an innovation leader for nanoscale surface modification in other markets. There are enormous opportunities for nanoscale technology to improve the efficiency of the oil industry.” said Dr Gupta. “I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and tapping into my knowledge and connections to guide the Aculon team to the best opportunities and where their technology can have a big impact in the Energy business.”

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