Surfaces Matter for Semiconductors

The demand for innovation across the semiconductor industry is accelerating. As the demand grows, system original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are fueling the drive toward ever-higher performance features, higher speed data transmission, higher definition video, effortless data access, and power storage in smaller, smarter, faster, thinner electronic devices. The race for miniaturization and the development of chips with transistor and function densities previously unimaginable requires immediate access to new materials that can be easily applied and manipulated. Chip designers and manufacturers are responding with new packaging concepts with mandates to squeeze as much as possible from existing packaging design rules. The new semiconductor product design elements are the instigators of diverse new package form factors/outlines; new production formats driven by production cost reductions; and the slowing of Moore’s Law. The new product concepts, structures, and formats are challenging and exceeding the limits of industry-standard materials.

Read the full article from Aculon CEO Edward Hughes and VP of sales Donald Cunningham in Chip Scale Review:

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