Aculon, Inc. Welcomes Donald Cunningham as Vice President of Sales

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (December 17, 2018) Aculon, Inc. announced today that Donald Cunningham has joined its team as Vice President of Sales. In this new position, Cunningham will oversee the development and implementation of Aculon’s sales strategy and business development to meet the surging demand for Aculon’s nano-enabled coatings and surface modification treatments.

Cunningham is a hands-on executive who brings more than 30 years of electronics industry experience and a track record of dramatically increasing revenue by solving customer problems. He will report directly to Aculon CEO Edward Hughes.

In his previous role as chief commercial officer of Semblant, Cunningham established a strong revenue pipeline and won agreements with several tier-1 smartphone makers. Through previous positions with GE, Texas Instruments, and others, Cunningham developed a robust history of introducing new technologies to diverse markets, establishing new revenue streams in high-value markets, and driving growth by identifying sweet spots others overlook.

In announcing Cunningham’s hiring, Hughes explained how this aligns with the organization’s strategic goals for 2019 and beyond. “We had some strong successes in 2018, including our strategic partnership with Henkel. We’re looking forward to 2019 with much excitement and know that Don’s extensive experience and knowledge in related industries means that he really understands our customers’ challenges and how best to address them. He will continue our customer-centric focus and help new partners take advantage of Aculon’s surface modification solutions.”

“I am excited to join Aculon, a company that has a broad portfolio of products and a well-deserved reputation as the innovation leader in the thin film coatings market,” said Cunningham. “I look forward to leveraging my knowledge and experience to continue to drive Aculon’s growth in the market and ensure continuous and optimal customer support.”


About Aculon, Inc.

Aculon, Inc. is an award winning and leading surface modification company that specializes in creating ultra-thin film treatments to modify surfaces to make them repellant. The company was founded in 2004 and has developed a broad suite of surface modification technologies including hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, oleophobic, hydrophilic, anti-fouling and adhesion promotion technologies for global electronics, oil and gas and a specialty markets, including, automotive, optical, and industrial applications. Aculon’s technologies can be applied via spray, wipe or dipping processes that mitigate the need for capital-intensive vacuum chamber deposition processes. Please contact Aculon at 1-858-350-9499 or for more information.


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