CircuitNet VIEWPOINT 2018: Edward Hughes, Chairman & CEO, Aculon, Inc. 

February 16, 2018

Surfaces matter! Nanocoating stencils is already a best practice. In 2018 lots of premium devices will be introduced with waterproof protection on their PCBs. Using untreated SMT stencils or conformal coatings for PCB protection is so yesterday! As the market leader for nanocoatings we are well placed for explosive growth.

At Aculon, we develop and globally supply many award winning & proprietary surface modification technologies including nanocoating for stencils (Aculon Nanoclear) & PCB waterproof protection (Aculon NanoProof).

• Aculon NanoClear already used by most of the leading OEM and CEM’s will enjoy increased penetration as every stencil can benefits from the nanocoating. A recent case study by Rauland Borg showed a 52% decrease in defects, 30% increase in throughput, and savings of over $1 million per year for a $5,000 investment in NanoClear.

• Aculon NanoProof, a series of sprayable water PCB water protection treatments, launched in 2015, has seen adoption at many leading companies. You can achieve IPX-7 protection and unlike conformal coatings you can rework the Aculon Nanoproof treatments thereby reducing your scrap rate, increasing yield and improve device reliability.

We expect to more than double our electronics business in 2018!

Edward Hughes, Chairman & CEO
Aculon, Inc

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