We’ve Released New Hydrophilic Products!

So much of our company’s focus is on creating superhydrophobic and oleophobic coatings. That is our bread and butter, so to speak. But, in reality, we are not just repellency coating experts; we are SURFACE MODIFICATION experts – an intentionally broad term that represents the wide breadth of our research and experience with modifying many different surfaces to have non-native properties. Lately, we have had an increasing number of businesses approach us about our hydrophilic coatings. I hear from the advertising guys that more people click our ads about hydrophilic coatings than any other technology. That was surprising to me, and really served to illustrate how much the word is getting out about this kind of technology. So I figured this blog post was timely.

This week, we launched a new line of hydrophilic coating technologies. AcuWet coatings are designed to provide enhanced wetting ability to most surfaces. Differentiated in durability and applicable substrates, we have launched 4 distinct AcuWet products.

So when would a hydrophilic coating be needed as opposed to a hydrophobic coating? Well if you remember, I have already answered this:

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