NanoProof: Our Alternative to Conformal Coating

Waterproofing electronics and PCBs has been on the minds of electronics manufacturers for years now. By now, everyone has probably seen Samsung’s popular commercial featuring Lil Wayne pouring champagne all over his cell phone (& dunking it in the fish tank) with no ill effects.

Conformal coatings and expensive parylene vacuum deposition equipment have always been the only solutions for making electronic devices impervious to liquids. The market was missing something, though. We wanted to develop a product that required no equipment and allowed easy rework throughout the PCB manufacturing process. It needed to be incredibly easy to apply and offer a range of waterproofing levels to meet unique project requirements.

Enter Aculon’s NanoProof.

NanoProof is the first product of its kind; a solution-based coating that can be dip or spray applied and requires little to no masking, unlike traditional conformal coatings. We have seen a significant response from the electronics industry. At APEX 2016, NanoProof won the New Product Award in the coatings category. NanoProof is completely changing the way waterproofing is accomplished. While other coatings often attempt to prevent water ingress into the device, NanoProof allows ingress, but protects the critical components.

We had a webinar a few months back about how NanoProof works. If you are interested in learning more about this new waterproofing technology, have a look.

I will be posting much more about NanoProof as we continue to develop. Stay tuned!

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