NanoClear Stencil Wipes

Best In Class Stencil Treatment

Aculon, a proven supplier to the stencil industry, introduces Aculon NanoClear® stencil wipes. NanoClear will improve print quality, increase efficiency, lower total costs and enhance printing with small apertures.

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I have been researching nanocoatings on stencils for over 4 years, the result show that NanoClear improves print quality and yields, and reduces costs. The flux-repellent coating will make almost any SMT stencil print better, and I recommend it to everyone.
Chrys Shea,
President, Shea Engineering Services

NanoClear Stencil Treatment

Aculon, an award-winning & proven supplier to the stencil industry, introduces Aculon NanoClear®, the best-in-class stencil treatment technology that improves print quality, increases efficiency, lowers total costs and enhances printing with small apertures.

By using NanoClear, your stencil will repel flux which means:

  • Better Quality Printing
  • Reduce Underside Cleaning
  • No Capital Equipment
  • Durable Treatment
  • Apply in less than 5 Minutes
  • Treat Sensitive Apertures
  • Treats Aperture Walls
  • Cost Effective
  • Industry Proven
  • Increased Print Reliability
  • Reduced Paste Transfer
  • Reduce Flux Bleed
  • Reduce Solder Ball Transfer
  • Improve First Pass Yield

Aculon NanoClear® is the Solution!

Untreated Stencil after 14 prints

NanoClear® Treated Stencil after 40 prints

Stronger Formulation

Faster release and improved print resolution is achieved as the paste is more easily released from the aperture walls due to the Fluxophobic nature of the treatment. The Aculon NanoClear treatments are now 50% stronger due a greater concentration. As can be seen from the graph below a treated stencil is 8 times more oil repellent than an untreated stencil even after 100,000 abrasion cycles.

Aculon Vice President of Technology, Eric Hanson, explains how to correctly apply NanoClear Stencil Wipes.

Survives Aggresive Cleaning

Testing proves that NanoClear survives stencil washing in even the most aggressive stencil washing solutions. In general Aculon NanoClear is compatible with organic(solvent) based cleaning systems and non-caustic aqueous cleaning systems (pH < 11). See Below for confirmed compatible cleaning systems:

  • Zestron: SC 210
  • Kyzen
  • Tech Spray: 1570, 1571,1572, and 1574

A treated stencil was subjected to the following tests:

Nanoclear Cleaning Test Results

Zestron Test Details
In depth tests were conducts by Zestron to determine the durability of the NanoClear treatment in an aggressive stencil washing system. A treated stencil was subjected to the following tests:

  • Washed in Vigon SC 210 at 15% concentration
  • Washed for a total of 2400 minutes exposure (160 cycles at 15 minutes) each in a Systronic SYS 152/2 system
  • Foil checked for compatibility after each wash cycle
  • Rinsed with DI water
  • The stencil was inspected and tested every 20-30 cycles for delamination and discoloration and repellency
  • Download the Zestron Compatibility Test Report Here!

The NanoClear treatment was found to be compatible with VIGON SC 210 during the above compatibility testing. There was no delamination or discoloration observed after exposure. There was minimal degredation in the fluxophobic performance of the NanoClear treatment with highly repellent Water contact angles of 110 degrees and oil contact angles of 60 degrees.

Kyzen Test Details
Kyzen test for NanoClear Wipes

Cost of Ownership Calculator

The cost of ownership calculator will help you determine how much cost savings you will enjoy by using NanoClear. Click here to download the calculator

NanoClear Webinar Downloads

In conjunction with Chrys Shea, Aculon hosted an extremely informative webinar on NanoClear and the process improvements that can be expected with a nanocoating. The webinar is available for download here!

Technical Papers/Articles

Instructions and Documentation

The Value and Benefits of Stencil NanoCoatings

Click here to download a PDF of the webinar presentation

Presenter: Chrys Shea, President of Shea Engineering Services, an expert in Surface Mount Technologies.

Presenter: Edward Hughes, CEO Of Aculon Inc, producer of NanoClear

This FREE webinar explains why leading OEM’s and CEM’s are adopting stencil nanocoating technology to improve quality, enhance productivity and reduce costs and this webinar will share the data to back the claims!

Participants in this 60-minute webinar will:
  • Understand nanocoatings, how they work, and their cost/payback
  • See CEM data showing the performance improvements before and after NanoClear
  • Review a matrix showing when you should use a nanocoating
  • Learn about our new cost of ownership calculator showing the cost savings of using a nanocoating
  • Get introduced to Aculon's worldwide distribution partners
  • Receive a free sample of the award winning NanoClear nanocoating

Better Quality Printing

The better quality printing is due to the reduction in bridging as the flux is now repelled from the aperture walls. Tests have shown that treated stencils show significantly reduced the cleaning cycle frequency resulting in both improved print quality and better manufacturing efficiency.

NanoClear Stencil Print Quality Improvements NanoClear Stencil Print Quality Improvements Printing Definition Improvements

Fluxophobic and Abrasion Resistant

Independent testing proves that NanoClear offers best in class durable performance. The ability of a stencil treated with NanoClear far outperforms the initial performance of all competitive materials. NanoClear's ability to repel flux is maintained for over 100,000 abrasion cycles after treatment while the performance of a well known vacuum applied competitive materials performance quickly falls off after 5000 abrasion cycles from an already weak barely fluxophobic starting point.

NanoClear Contact Angles vs competitors

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