NanoClear Test Pens

Aculon’s NanoClear Test Pen technology enables a simple and effective test for the proper application of Aculon NanoClear stencil treatment.

Now available direct from Aculon!


Aculon NanoClear® Test Pen Benefits

  • Confirm effective application & continued presence of Aculon NanoClear Stencil Treatment
  • No capital equipment
  • Easy to apply
  • No training required
  • Fast and effective results


The NanoClear Test Pen is compatible with the following substrates:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Electroform
  • Nickel
  • E-Polish
  • and most other metals!

Test Pen Instructions

Important points for reliable Results:

  • Do not touch or contaminate surface prior to testing. Contaminated surfaces will not give accurate results.
  • Discard contaminated test pens.
  • Use a “Fresh” test pen. NanoClear Test pens are good for 6 months from production.
  • Never re-test the same location. Move along the sample or test a new area.
  • Store Aculon NanoClear Test Pens at room temperature.

How to use Aculon NanoClear Test Pen:

  • Place stencil on clean level surface. Ensure stencil is at room temperature.
  • Draw test pen across stencil surface to be tested. Make three passes, each 6-12 cm in length, evaluating the third pass only. See below for how to interpret results.
  • Clean the test area with IPA or DI water and a clean room wipe prior to using stencil.

Download Instructions PDF

Interpreting Results

Aculon NanoClear Surface

If the third ink swath beads up, tears apart, or shrinks into a thin line then this surface has the Aculon NanoClear fluxophobic coating on the surface.

Untreated Surface

If the third ink swath remains wetted out (a solid line appears) on the test sample for three seconds or more then this surface does not have the Aculon NanoClear fluxophobic coating on the surface. Apply NanoClear Fluxophobic stencil treatment