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Nanoclear Fluxophobic Stencil Treatment box

Aculon, a proven supplier to the stencil industry, introduces Aculon NanoClear®, the best-in-class stencil treatment technology that improves print quality, increases efficiency, lowers total costs and enhances printing with small apertures.

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Introducing NanoClear for Stencils!

NanoClear Application Instructions

NanoClear® Products

NanoClear® Stencil Wipes

Nanoclear Stenicl Treatment wipes

High performance fluxophobic stencil treatments wipes are now available. Aculon NanoClear stencil wipes deliver the following benefits:

  • Better Quality Printing
  • Reduction in Understencil Cleaning
  • Improve Paste Release
  • Highly Durable Treatment
  • Proven Technology for 2 years
  • Cost Effective

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If you are an existing NanoClear customer or simply wish to get started right away click the buy now button to purchase Aculon NanoClear Stencil Treatment directly from our website. We can also accept PO's for international and orders of more than 5 boxes. Contact us for reduced rates on large volume purchases! Click the more info button for links to datasheets and technical studies of NanoClear.

NanoClear® Test Pens

Nanoclear Stencil Treatment test pens

Aculon’s NanoClear Test Pen technology enables a simple and effective test for the confirmation of the proper application of Aculon NanoClear fluxophobic coatings. Aculon NanoCLear Test Pen offer the following benefits: Confirmation of effective application of Aculon NanoClear on newly treated stencils, confirmation of existence of Aculon NanoClear on stencils currently in use, no training required, easy to apply, and fast and effective results. Click below for more information or to order your Aculon NanoClear Test Pen now!

Aculon NanoClear Stencil Test Pens are available directly from our website.

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NanoClear Webinars

NanoClear Launch

Click below to view the product launch webinar of NanoClear including Q&A session.

Understanding Stencil NanoCoatings

In conjunction with Chrys Shea Aculon recently hosted an extremely informative webinar on NanoClear and the process improvements that can be expecte with a nanocoating. For those that joined and those that did not the webinar is available for download here!