Organic Semiconductors Particle Coatings & Organic Semiconductors Nano Particle Treatments

Aculon's particle treatments for organic semiconductors are excellent for functionalizing the surface of organic semiconductors based particles and fillers intended for use in highly specialized applications. Aculon's organic semiconductors particle treatment technology, along with other surface modification techniques, coating methods and materials for treating organic semiconductors, serve as a platform on which organic semiconductors nanoparticle surfaces can be tailored for a broad range of uses. organic semiconductors treatments for nanoparticles can alter the functionality of of your particles or fillers to increase hydrophobicty and oleophobicity, alter rheology and thixotropy, increase adhesion, in addition to many other potential modifications of organic semiconductors filled technologies.

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The Aculon Advantage

  • Nanoscale: 2-4 nm Thick Treatments
  • No or Minimal Capital Equipment
  • Easy to Apply
  • Easy Scale Up
  • Flexible Application Methods
  • Treat Sensitive Parts
  • Consumer Applied Technologies
  • OEM Applied Technologies
  • Durable Treatments
  • Functionalize Nanoparticles
  • Increase Hydrophobocity
  • Increase Oleophobicity
  • Treat Metals and Metal Oxides
  • Treat Glass Oxides and Polymers
  • Increase Adhesion
  • Modify Surface Energy

Particle Treatment Markets