Aculon's patented oleophobic surface treatments come into their own in environments and conditions characterized by frequent contact with human hands and fingers (such as smart phones or other personal electronic devices), or where there are high concentrations of oily residues and grimy deposits. Most surfaces which are subject to these conditions become very dirty, very quickly and they are usually notoriously difficult to clean and prone to smudging without using detergents or solvents that are invariably aggressive and often rather toxic. Aculon's coating is able to reduce adhesion of oils to these surfaces, allowing for easier cleaning.

Aculon's range of oleophobic coatings bond oil repelling layers of nanoscale thickness to many different kinds of surfaces, which imparts them with easy clean and anti-smudge properties. In addition, all of Aculon's oleophobic treatments have the advantage of being hydrophobic as well. The oil repellent coatings are very easy to apply requiring no expensive capital equipment. If your component or product can benefit from the added value and improved performance characteristic of oleophobicity, then one of Aculon's oleophobic surface coating treatments can indeed help you meet your objectives.

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Repellency Videos

Optical lens untreated (left) vs. treated (right) with Sharpie pen

Untreated (left lens) vs. treated (right lens) in oil