NanoProof PCB Waterproofing - IPX7 And Beyond

Conformal coatings are now obsolete!

PCB waterproofing

Aculon offers a range of award-winning waterproofing products for electronics that will protect circuit boards from accidental water immersion and total submersion. Easier to use and more scalable than conformal coatings, NanoProof performance ranges from accidental water contact to IPX7 and beyond.

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Features & Benefits

IDC estimates 900,000 smartphones are damaged by liquid every day. Until now, this was a problem without a great solution. Previously, water-resistance product offerings generally fell into two categories: solution based hydro/oleophobic conformal coatings that repel fluids but require some level of masking or "keep-out" areas, and vacuum-deposited coatings (which also require masking) such as parylene-based treatments. Aculon NanoProof® surface treatments create a third category - no mask solution based hydro/oleophobic coatings that are done on an inline basis and deliver the benefits of a conformal coating yet eliminate the need for costly capital investment and avoiding the bottlenecking batch process of vacuum based manufacturing or masking operations.

Aculon's award-winning NanoProof® Series offer customers a range of PCB waterproofing solutions from protecting against accidental water damage (NanoProof 1.0) to IPX7, immersion in water at one meter depth for 30 minutes (NanoProof® 5.1, 7.0, 8.4), to greater barrier properties that can withstand 100 hours immersion in sweat solutions and some of the most stringent test methods developed for non-hermetic components (NanoProof® 7.0 & 8.4).

Aculon NanoProof® Series uses a mix of Aculon's Proprietary Transition Metal Complexate technology (TMC) and fluorinated acrylic polymers to achieve a series of products that are compatible with all of the common material types used in SMT parts. Aculon's NanoProof® series are sprayable or dip based coatings that do not require a cure and have no impact on conductivity testing. While some of the NanoProof® series are so thin that they are invisible to naked eye, all of the Nanoproof® series contain a UV tracer to ensure detection at customer sites.

Benefits of the NanoProof® Series includes:

  • Improved device reliability due to protection of PCBs from water damage
  • From accidental submersion (IPX 4), water immersion for 30 minutes (IPX7) to prolonged immersion (IPX 8)*
  • Reduced product returns due to device failures
  • Reduces cost as no masking required
  • Improves yields as enables rework after coating
  • Can be applied via spray or dip, thereby eliminating need for costly vacuum deposition equipment
  • Save energy compared to vacuum deposition process
  • Improve throughput as does not require batch production
  • Safe for use in factory environment - non toxic
  • Electrical connections unimpacted - No impact on signal strength, antenna or acoustic performance
  • Flexible Coatings Resist Cracking/Flaking
  • Outperforms Novec 1720

Features of the NanoProof® Series includes:

  • Liquid at room temperature
  • Ability to protect many substrates on a PCB
  • Post treatment Water contact angle from 100 to 120 degrees*
  • Post treatment Oil resistant - contact angle up to 76 degrees*
  • Several NanoProof products have "Push through connectivity" capability
  • ROHS and REACH compliant
  • Dry time - from 5 - 60 minutes at room temperature*
  • No cure required
  • UV Tracer

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