The hydrophobic surface treatments developed and patented by Aculon, improve the performance characteristics of virtually any component via its easy to apply nanoscale coatings, which can bond with a vast range of classic or modern industrial materials, including complex metal alloys, new generation plastic compounds, vitreous products and highly sensitive microelectronic silicon componentry.

Aculon's hydrophobic coatings are water repellent and this hydrophobicity renders treated surfaces extremely easy to clean as deposits and residues left by water, dirt and even oil cannot stick to or smudge these surfaces. In fact, these coatings have the double benefit of being oleophobic as well, so one pass of a clean cloth or absorbent paper is all you need to clean a surface which has been treated with a product from Aculon's range of water resistant coatings.

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Repellency Videos

Optical lens untreated (left) vs. treated (right) with Sharpie pen

Untreated (left lens) vs. treated (right lens) in oil