Copper Modification Treatments

Aculon’s copper modification treatments can be used on a broad range of copper materials used in electronic applications. Interfacial treatments of dissimilar materials are particularly important for performance and reliability in electronics.

copper surface modification

Copper Modification Applications:

Copper Foil:

Adhesion of low dielectric resins to copper for printed circuit boards and chip scale packaging requires high peel strengths that are obtained through surface treatments of copper.  Aculon has demonstrated superior performance to silane adhesion promoters in terms of peel strength on smooth copper (<5 lbs/in), and hydrolytic stability (>600 hours in autoclave).

Copper Modification:

Aculon’s anti-oxidation coatings have demonstrated that thermal oxidation of copper can be inhibited up to 850°C.  Replacement of silver in conductive epoxies, and printing conductive inks is under development.

Metal Lead Frames:

Aculon’s adhesion promoters have shown superior bonding of die attach adhesives, and epoxy molding compounds to numerous types of lead frame materials (Au, Pd, Cu, Ag, Ni).