905 Cleaner

Aculon 905 Cleaner is a water based cleaner designed for use on almost all metallic and oxide containing surfaces. It is not designed for use on copper, brass, tin, or silver. While not designed specifically for glass or ceramic, this cleaner should not harm those substrates. This cleaner is used to get the substrate to a water-break-free condition to enhance the adhesion of Aculon’s coatings.

905 Cleaner

Aculon 905 cleaner is sufficient on a vast majority of metallic and oxide containing surfaces to achieve a water break free (WBF) surface . A WBF surface is necessary to achieve optimal performance and durability. Aculon 905 Cleaner is an excellent compromise when a basic clean is not good enough and more extreme cleaning methods such as plasma, corona discharge, etc are not practical.

Step One (Degrease):

Ensure part has no caked on gross contaminates. Degrease your substrate with Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetone, or Toluene. For exotic machining oils, use the appropriate solvent to remove them if known.

Step Two (Wipe Clean Option):

Saturate an absorbent cloth with Aculon 905 Cleaner. Use the saturated cloth/towelette to wipe area that requires treatment. Ensure that all areas are wiped with moderate force for 1 – 3 minutes. Sufficient contact time and mechanical abrasion is critical for successful treatment. Rinse off the remaining cleaner with copious amounts of water. Rinse with water for at least 60 seconds. For best results, use deionized water.

Step Two (Dip Clean Option):

Utilize a dip bath (stainless steel or glass recommended) sufficient to fully submerge the areas of the part requiring treatment. Dilute the provided cleaner by mixing 1 part of cleaner with 4 parts of water by volume. Heat the cleaner to 40° – 50°C. Submerge the part for 5 minutes. Adding sonication or mixing of the cleaner will improve the effectiveness of the cleaner. Remove part and rinse with deionized water. While rinsing, check for free sheeting of the water as an indication of a water break free condition. The water should not bead up in the areas that were cleaned. Allow to dry. For best results, blow dry the part with clean, dry compressed air and treat the substrate with your selected treatment immediately.


If after application of the cleaner, the substrate is not water break free, then:

  1. Confirm that the surface being cleaned is, in-fact, a base metal and does not have a polymer or epoxy top coat.
  2. Repeat the cleaning step and double the contact time increment used.
    • Continue this up to 4 times, if this does not get the part clean, then contact Aculon for other cleaning options.