NanoProof PCB waterproofing | circuit board nano coating
NanoClear Repellancy Wipes for Stencils
Superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating
Superhydrophobic & Olephobic Repellancy Treatments
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The leading provider of easy-to-apply nanotech surface-modification technologies.

Modify a broad variety of surfaces and particles with a durable superhydrophobic coating, oleophobic coating, adhesion-promoting, or performance-modifying nanocoating in seconds, with little to no capital equipment.

NanoClear for Stencils
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Multisurface Repellency

Hydrophobic Multi-Surface
Oleophobic Multi-Surface

Repellency Treatments | Superhydrophobic and Oleophobic Coatings

NanoProof PCB
Repellency Series

Waterproof your PCBs

Printed Circuit board repellency | NanoProof

NanoClear For Stencils

Fluxophobic easy to apply treatments for stencils

Fluxophobic Stencil Treatment

Sapphire Repellency

The ideal solution for your sapphire coating needs.

Sapphire Repellency Treatment

Metal Repellency

Regular Metals
Precious Metals

Metal Repellency Treatment

Adhesion Promotion

Functionalize tough-to-bond surfaces.

Adhesion Promotion Coatings & Technology

Glass Repellency

Make glass hydrophobic and oleophobic

Glass Repellency Coatings

Anti-Fouling Treatment

Purchase Anti Fouling Treatment Today

Anti-Fouling Treatment